The Deep Wave Beauty CD

Use the wonderful power of sound to help restore and revitalize your beauty!

The Deep Wave Beauty CD consists of 8 original compositions, all rich in multidimensional music and interwoven with special vibrational frequencies. These frequencies convey targeted, healing energies to benefit our holistic nature:

  • The CD contains frequencies linked to important vitamins and nutrients. These substances revitalize and renew the skin, musculature, tissues and collagen of the face and neck area. (Vibratory essences of vitamins A, C, B, B4 B6, B12, E, and Resveratrol are included to nourish.) Frequencies related to collagen and facial muscles are layered into the music. Healthy collagen stimulates and strengthens the skin structure.
  • Mattson’s extraordinary music serves as the catalyst, helping the listener achieve an optimum state of mind and soul to fully receive the healing energies. The end result empowers one to effectively renew herself. The music guides the listener to a great state of calm, stilling the mind, and giving a deep meditative state that maximizes the overall benefit.
  • Use again-and-again to soothe and smooth body and soul. Use frequently for best results.

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Utilize Jill Mattson's rejuvenating CD alone, or as part of the comprehensive Deep Wave Beauty System (DWBS)

The Deep Wave Beauty System is more than just the CD: This process is based on the Holistic Nature that we all posses. The Deep Wave path to beauty and vitality relies on the complex and versatile power of sound, together with a complete Holistic program that incorporates nutrition, spiritual growth, meditation, exercise, and more.

A human being is not reducible to one thing. We are holistic entities, with many interacting levels. Taking a pill and thinking everything is better is simplistic and incomplete. This CD is more than just beautiful music. It is multilayered, complex, and has tones resonating with collagen, facial muscles, and tissues. The vibrational equivalents of important vitamins and nutrients - critical to healthy skin - are contained in this CD's tracks.

The beautiful music of the Deep wave Beauty CD provides the structure for the overall experience. Each song on the CD is a matrix consisting of numerous specific vibrational frequencies along with a complex musical composition. The listener attains peace and calmness; Emotions quiet and stress melts away. Spiritual tranquility –- mental calm and Deep Wave Body Relaxation -- are bestowed on the listener, uplifting inner and outer beauty.

Sound is an important way to enhance beauty. Music also complements other holistic endeavors such as meditation, yoga, and reiki, which are reinforcing energies: This strengthens the overarching, uplifting effect.

Beauty consists of many layers (appearance, skin, mood, attitude, words, clothes…). People are attracted to elements of this layer or that. One layer of beauty influences the next: To be beautiful, you emulate this energy on many levels simultaneously.

The science of sound resonance tells us that a string of a violin sends energy to another string in close proximity. Likewise, when you feel beautiful, your appearance is enhanced. (Your emotions influence your physical appearance.) People look more beautiful when they smile versus frown. Recall the appearance of a person that is loving you - versus that same person‘s face when he is angry at you. Taking this idea to another layer, you look better when you feel physically good. Likewise, emotional and spiritual energy & strength can help overcome physical challenges. To enhance your beauty, work on many levels of beauty– as they all interact and affect one another.