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Healing Flower Symphonies, vol 1 and 2

Healing Flower Symphonies

vol I: UPC 700261295718

vol II: UPC 700261295701 retail $15 ea.

Sound healing can benefit people in many ways. Often Sound Healing practitioners use only one modality, say tuning forks, gongs or bowls, but there are dozens of applications available to incorporate vibratory healing in your daily life for multifaceted benefits.

Sound energy can deeply affect our emotional states. Moving musical compositions, suspenseful movie sound tracks, singing violins, poetry, and many more, all have a profound impact on the listener. The Healing Flower Symphonies are a remarkable collection of original compositions containing the healing benefits of flower essences in vibratory form. The two-CD Volumes each contain frequencies for six unique healing flowers. Each flower radiates unique positive energy, such as trust, patience or sincerity. Listening to the frequencies of the flowers is a vibrational pathway to the blessings that flowers offer.

Sound waves can be employed in a variety of ways to enhance brain functions; binaural beats and whole brain functioning leading to enhanced intelligence and integration of left-brain and right-brain thinking.

Sound and Light MachinesWe can achieve deep meditation states through the use of sound. Sound & Light Machines effectively entrain your brainwaves to reach optimum brainwave states. The body produces beneficial chemicals, repairs and restores itself while the brain functions in delta or theta waves. With repeated uses of the Sound & Light Machine you can train your brain to increase intelligence, to meditate quickly and deeply and to energize and learn quicker.

Secret Sounds ~ Ultimate Healing

Secret Sounds ~ Ultimate Healing

ISBN 9780982281420, retail $20

Learn the secrets of Ancient and Modern Sound Healing masters in Jill Mattson’s Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing book. Mattson provides an unique overview of the power of sound in this highly readable volume. She interviews 12 leading Sound Healing experts, providing an informative book appropriate for the beginner or advanced student.

Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing

Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing

ISBN 9780982281406,
retail $20

There are literally hundreds of examples of using sound frequencies to address physical health problems – allowing the body to cure itself of traditional sicknesses, restoring tissue growth, improving immune system efficiency, fostering better sleep and relaxation and so on. There are incredible accounts of the power of sound to heal in Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing and Secret Sounds ~ Ultimate Healing.

In ancient times people crafted vibrational patterns in music to impart energetic blessings. Each culture used their own sound potions to master their health and emotions. In Lost Waves of Time, these musical and mathematical patterns are traced throughout the ages so that we can regain their powerful benefits. A few examples are the frequency patterns of star tones, vibratory essences of the elements, chakra clearing, Fibonacci frequencies, and the solfeggio tones. (Found in Star Dust, Cosmic Streams, and Paint your Soul CDs)

Star DustCosmic StreamsPaint Your Soul

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