Revitalize and Restore your Beauty & Vitality using Sound Energy!

The Heart of the Deep Wave Beauty System is Jill Mattson's Deep Wave Beauty CD. Deep Wave Beauty includes the exact vibrations associated with essential vitamins and nutrients critical to healthy skin. Collagen, muscles, and skin tissues are relaxed and firmed with beautiful toning energies that are embedded in special tracks on the beautiful, compelling musical CD.

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Customer Testimonials

Arlene Johnson

Hi Jill, I wanted to tell you how much I "love" the new Deep Wave Beauty CD!!!! It transports me to places I've never been before and stirs my soul!! Thank you! Blessings.

Rayelan Allan, August 20, 2012

Before the DWBSI started listening to Deep Wave Beauty by Jill Mattson around the first of March 2012. When I realized that it carried the frequencies of collagen, I kept in on day and night for weeks.

The first difference I noticed was my pores. They had grown larger after I turned 60 and no matter what potion I used on them, they just seemed to get larger. I also developed sagging skin under my chin with deep vertical wrinkles.

The effects are not just on my face. My entire body has tightened. I have lost two sizes and I finally have a waist again. I have to wear belts to keep my pants from falling down.

After the DWBSMy upper arms are tightening. I have not added an exercise regimen that would account for this change. I do chi gong twice a week and I work in the garden. That’s the extent of my exercise. I am doing nothing to account for my upper arms tightening and dropping two dress sizes.

I believe the collagen all over my body has tightened and I seem to be naturally changing back to the body I had when I was much younger. I am 64 and I think I look better now than I looked in my late 40s and 50s. Not only has my body started reshaping itself, but my energy level and my stamina has also increased.

I have only done two things that could account for the change in my skin, body and energy level. I listen to Deep Wave Beauty several times a day, and I have given up wheat. Not eating wheat could account for the loss of two dress sizes, but it can’t explain why the skin on my body is tightening all by itself.

See more pictures of Rayelan's progress here


I'm writing to tell you how phenomenal your music is. I listen to it every night while falling asleep (forget Yoyo), and amazing things are happening in my dreams. Things are coming out that are very deep, that have been buried for a long time.

Marty Stride

What an awesome creation, I can't stop playing it. I feel so peaceful, the sounds are so healing. I use it during my healing sessions with clients. They all ask for it. Thanks~~~
It’s Beautiful music that lifts me up - mind, body, and soul.


I normally crash at night, ready for sleep at day’s end. I sleep heavily and don’t dream, but those nights I want to unwind, I play Jill’s sweet musical creations. It could be those mornings I wake up early with various “downloads” for the day that the previous night was filled with heavenly notes. :)

Steve G

Dear Jill, I fell asleep with your music. When I woke up I was dreaming of God, alot. I mean alot. I am so glad we met, it was not an accident, nothing is.

Geraldine S

Dear Jill, I put your CD in the player and went on to do my business, but it did not take me long to drop what I was doing and come back to the source. A big WOW!!! The words calming and invigorating do not quite accurately describe the feeling it evoked. At a loss for words, and that is unusual for me.